Player Profiles: Dermot Earley

Name: Dermot Earley(Kildare)

Current position: Midfield

Fav position: Midfield

Best sporting memory: Winning the leinster in 1998 with Kildare and then going on to defeat Kerry in the All-Ireland semi-final

Worst sporting memory: Loosing the All-Ireland Final in that same year ’98’ to Galway

Hardest trainer on Kildare team: Johnny Doyle

Toughest opponent faced: Ciaran Whelan of Dublin or Darragh O’Shea of Kerry

Milk or water: Water

Fav sports person: Michael Jordan(basketball),Lance Armstrong, Brian O’Driscoll, Padraig Harrington

Any superstitions before a game: Not really just always prepare the same the week of a game, drink plenty of water and try to visualise the game in my head, like catching the ball or giving a crucial hand pass



Ladies U-16 Div 1, Balyna v Kilcock:

Balyna 4:16
Kilcock 2:07

The idea of summer football, it’s music to everyones ears, isn’t it? Long, sunny evenings, perfect playing conditions, the safety of matches going ahead with no waterlogged pitches, family, friends, partners all turning up to watch u perform… Aww it’s the stuff of dreams, who ever played games in rainy April or worse still October? How would you put together a team when people would rather choose a nice warm open fire over a mucky,rain drenched GAA field? Wrong, it’s not the stuff of dreams,take away the ideal playing conditions and spare a thought for the manager of an u-16 team made to play a league campaign, starting in late June and continuing throughout July and August, the peak for holidaying families leaving the mentors of clubs around the county of Kildare pulling their hair out because one week their missing their star full back, the next their star midfielder is gone and if your really unlucky as in the case of Kilcock’s manager Linda Byrne in Johnstownbridge tonight, she had to do without the services of top defender Ashling O’Connor and midfielder Caoimhe Fagan and that was only tonight, she has had to give walkovers in previous rounds and suffer heavy defeats in others. Balyna dont seem to be fairing too much better, though they had a strong side out, there were only twelve of them!! So whoever sat down at the start of the year and made up these fixtures needs to be told of their mistakes before next year and if they dont wish to listen they probably need to be relieved of their services.. Why? you ask, because if this was to continue it would destroy underage football and make more and more girls and boys walk away to other sports such as rugby and soccer than there already is. So get your act together and get a league going in March and April and another one in September/October, all months when there is school and most importantly no families jet setting off to Spain or Portugal. Anyway sorry for the rant from this disgruntled reporter and on to the action tonight. Yes we had the perfect conditions and all the families out to watch so that side of it was good and this seemed to suit Kilcock early on, as right from referee Rachel Watson’s throw in, midfielders Joanne Mulligan and Grace White set off in attack and in pursuit of the first score and though they along with some team-mates lay siege on the Balyna goal it was five minutes before they got the games opening score, a free from Grace White after Mulligan had been fouled twenty yards out after a strong, defence bursting run. Unfortunately for Kilcock for all their early possession that was to be their sole score until the fifteenth minute and Balyna grew into the game, a game that seemed to suit them better due to all the space resulting from the twelve a side farce we had to endure. In this barren spell for Kilcock, Balyna scored 1:07 mainly from frees and their strong running midfield and half-forward line. White added Kilcock’s second, again a free and again won by Mulligan. That was to be the girls’ in green and gold last score of the half and even with staunch defending from Emma Maguire and Claire King they went on to concede a further 2:04 in the remainder of the half, though Elaine Kilduff was unlucky not to add another point as her shot just tailed off to the left and wide. This was to be the end of the one-sided affair though and whatever Byrne said to them at half-time definitely worked as they came out like a team on a mission after the change of ends and with White now deployed in a new half-forward role, Maguire in midfield and substitute Yvonne Leonard at centre-back the team looked to have more cohesion and this began to show on the scoreboard, even if White and Emma Doran were desperately unlucky to see efforts come rocketing back off the cross-bar, both within minutes of eachother. And just after a Lorna Murray wide their luck changed as the mecurial White blasted home two quick-fire goals in two minutes, both capable of winnning any goal of the month competition. Further points from White(1), Emma O’Neill(2), Yvonne Leonard(1) and a brillliant solo effort from Maguire put some respectability on the scoreboard and credit too must go to goalie Emma Jayne O’Shea who kept the score down at the other end with numerous point-blank saves. Balyna did continue to keep the white flag raised with great accuracy from various parts of the field but Kilcock can take some heart from their second half display, a half they won and though the overall score will show a comprehensive win for Balyna, had this league been played at a different time of the year… who knows what could have happened!! Best on the night for the visitors were Emma Jayne O’Shea between the sticks, Yvonne Leonard and Emma Maguire at the back and Grace White upfront.

Celbridge v Kilcock Ladies Challenge 19/07/11 @ Celbridge 7:30pm

Celbridge  1:04
Kilcock     3:18

Kicock Senior Ladies enjoyed the perfect preperation for next tuesday’s Division 3 League Final v Ballkelly as they emphatically defeated neighbours Celbridge by twenty points in their own back yard tonight. The hosts themselves were also warming up for a league final, the Division 4 deceider v Robert Emmets next tuesday. With a panel of well in excess of twenty-five this year, a friendly like this gave ample oppurtunity to Kilcock’s managment team to give all their girls a good run out and try some players in new positions while also giving other girls a chance to stake a claim for a starting berth in the forthcoming final. Some notable changes to the side that beat Na Fianna in the leauge semi-final were the moving of full forward Emma Robinson to midfield where she turned in a masterful display, the starting of Louise Keane in the forwards on the edge of the square and Aoife Divily moving out to centre forward from corner forwad while Ciara Leonard and Therese Macken got their chance to shine in defence. In the absence of the holidaying manager Shane Stone, these decisions were left up to selectors Seamus Kane and Robert Cox. When the game got underway, captain Shona Cagney got the girls in green and gold off the mark early with a well taken point from twenty yards, infact Kilcock would go on to rack up 1:08 without reply with points from Grace White(1), Emma Robinson(1), Aoife Divily(1) and a brace each from Emma Rochford and the impressive Laura O’Neill all either side of a fine goal from Louise Keane who received the pass from Cagney who had made a great run to split the defence and showed great vision to find the unmarked Keane who slotted the ball low to the keepers left. While the forwards were working like a well oiled machine, tackling from the front, finding their passes and putting their shooting boots to a good cause, the defence were busy shoring things up at the back, with Rachel Fagan in particular to the fore in her new sweeper role. Caitlin NiMhuricu added two points either side of the change of ends and just before she came off she got the score of the night with a thunder bolt goal to the bottom corner of the net. Further points from the hard working White(2), Keane(2), young Emma Maguire and Emma Rochford helped the visitors pull away plus a goal from wing forward Shanon Byrne. Celbridge struck 1:04 throughout as the Kilcock defence was in a miserly mood and most of these scores came as Kilcock rang the changes and some girls were forced to play out of position. But in all the whole panel involved can be happy with their performance with Emma Robinson and Shona Cagney well on top in the middle of the park and Rachel Fagan, Bernie Durkan and Ciara Leonard shoring up at the back. Aoife Divily played the playmaker role to perfection and though all the forwards kept the scoreboard ticking over and it was hard to single one of them out for a  special mention, which is a good sign. Kilcock can go away happy and continue there industrious buid up to the final but Celbridge will know a big improvement is required if they are to bring back the silverware to the Hazelhatch Road Clubhouse.
               This reporter would also like to give a special mention and well done to Emma Maguire and Hayley White who appeared again for the seniors tonight as these two girls are only thirteen years old and both surely have a long and successful career ahead of them if they continue to progress at this rate. Also well done to goalie Eimear Kelly who got called up to the Kildare senior ladies team…well done Eimear and best of luck.

Kilcock Team:
1:Eimear Kelly
2:Emma Maguire(0:01)
3:Fiona Campion
4:Rachel Fagan
5:Shanon Byrne(1:00)
6:Bernie Durkan
7:Ciara Leonard
8:Shona Cagney(0:02)
9:Emma Robinson(0:02)
10:Laura O’Neill(0:02)
11:Aoife Divily(0:01)
12:Grace White(0:03)
13:Caitlin NiMhuricu(1:02)
14:Louise Keane(1:02)
15:Emma Rochford(0:03)

Therese Macken
Deirbhle Mulvihill
Hayley White
Emma Bermingham

DEFENCE: Rachel Fagan
MIDFIELD: Emma Robinson
FORWARDS: Aoife Divily

Sheena Byrne
Ashling O’Connor
Caoimhe Fagan
Linda Byrne
Orla Cagney
Noelle Conlon
Emily Milner
Katie Devine
Mary Tighe

Player Profiles: Shanon Byrne

Name: shanon byrne

Current position:at this stage who knows….

Fav position: right half back

Best sporting memory: winning all ireland basketball final / u15/minor county finals and u21 championship camogie

Worst sporting memory: losing….

Hardest trainer on ladies team: emma robinson

Toughest opponent faced: This year… ballykelly…

Other hobbies: pure laziness

Fav drink: anyhting…

Fav food: sweeeties!!!

Fav film: remember the titans

What song would u like to be playing as u run out onto the field: Dessie robinson blasting ‘eye of the tiger’ from the car radio ….

Fav band: westlife

Where wud u most like to visit in the world: south america/ asia

Biscuit or cake: cake

Tea or coffee: neither

Milk or water: water

Fav tv programme: home and away

Johnny Depp or David Beckham: ……….

Fav sports person: dan carter/johnny doyle

Biggest joker on the team: orla cagney

Biggest talker on the team: mary tighe

Any superstitions before a game: ???

Player Profiles: Noelle Conlon

Name: Noelle Conlon

Current position: Centre Forward

Fav position: Centre Forward

Best sporting memory: Winning All Ireland in 07!!!

Worst sporting memory: On the sideline for the ’10 final 😦:(

Hardest trainer on ladies team: Shona Cagney

Toughest opponent faced: Your One From Naas

Other hobbies: Lady Of Leisure Off The Pitch!!!!

Fav drink: Morgans And Coke

Fav food: Depends On Mood

Fav film: Pretty Woman

What song would u like to be playing as u run out onto the field: Interesting…….. Dearg Doom By The Horseslips.

Fav band: Westlife, Paolo Nuitini, Take That…. Loads!!!!

Where wud u most like to visit in the world: Seychelles And Dubai

Biscuit or cake: Biscuit

Tea or coffee: Tea

Milk or water: Both…Very Cold

Fav tv programme: Friends

Johnny Depp or David Beckham: Johnny Depp

Fav sports person: Alan Brogan And Tommy Bowe

Biggest joker on the team: Orla Cagney

Biggest talker on the team: Laura O’Neill

Any superstitions before a game: No….Oh Wait My Socks Cant Be Falling Down!!

Player Profiles: Bernie Durkan

Name: Bernie Durkan

Current position: Left Half Back

Fav position: Full Back

Best sporting memory: Winning Lynch With DCU In ’04’

Worst sporting memory: Loosing Championship Final ’10’

Hardest trainer on ladies team: Fiona Campion

Toughest opponent faced: Cora Staunton (Mayo)

Other hobbies: Watching Any Sport, Avid Reader, Refereeing

Fav drink: Bulmers

Fav food: Christmas Dinner

Fav film: The Departed

What song would u like to be playing as u run out onto the field: ”Fighter”

Fav band: Snow Patrol

Where wud u most like to visit in the world: Inca Trails, Peru

Biscuit or cake: Cake

Tea or coffee: Tea

Milk or water: Water

Fav tv programme: Grey’s Anatomy

Johnny Depp or David Beckham: Really???? Neither

Fav sports person: Johnny Doyle

Biggest joker on the team: Derv The Perv Mulvihill

Biggest talker on the team: Mary Tighe

Any superstitions before a game: None At All

Player Profiles: Grace White

Name: Grace White

Current position: Left Half Forward

Fav position: Left Half Forward

Best sporting memory: Winning Minor County Final

Worst sporting memory: Losing Aagainst Carbury In the Champ Final ’10’

Hardest trainer on ladies team: Fiona Campion

Toughest opponent faced: Carbury + Ballykelly

Other hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, Swimming…. Sports

Fav drink: Vanilla Coke, When They Used To Have It

Fav food: Ice-Cream

Fav film: Love And Other Drugs

What song would u like to be playing as u run out onto the field: ”I Gotta Feelin”

Fav band: The Script/Westlife

Where wud u most like to visit in the world: America

Biscuit or cake: Cake

Tea or coffee: Tea

Milk or water: Water

Fav tv programme: Grey’s Anatomy

Johnny Depp or David Beckham: David Beckham

Fav sports person: Oisin McConville (Armagh Footballer)

Biggest joker on the team: Linda Byrne

Biggest talker on the team: Laura o’Neill

Any superstitions before a game: Picking up a piece of grass to see which way the wind is blowing even if there is no wind, taking a point but not being the first person to take one.